Singh is a Web 3.0 compatible social media platform where creators and users are rewarded.

What is Singh?

Singh coin is a creator-centric platform in which users will able to earn Singh Coin just by creating content, photo and video sharing on social network and promoting brand products. Unlike any other social media platform, which has centralized database and user security can be compromized, Singh social media is decentralized platform with trust, security, transperancy, and traceability of data across the platform


Singh token

The SINGH token is at the core of the Ecosystem. It is a BEP-20 token which is based on the Binance Smart Chain. The reason for this choice is to be found in BSC's widespread use and its great community

NFT Marketplace

Creators on Singh social media can mint NFTs of their posts.
Why would they do that?
If content of a creator is in demand, then he can mint NFT for the same and transfer the ownership & copyright to the companies

Job Opportunities

Singh have a great relationships with all its partner Advertiser Companies. Singh will help its most talented users to such companies. This will give the users a real shot at a permanent job, and a chance to change their life for the better.

How it Works?

Companies will create a campaign and design their own customized reward structure. Creators can participate in the campaign and upload their creative content for branding of the companies. Singh algorithm will rank the content on the basis on likes, shares and comments that the content has received. Rewards will be in the form of Singh tokens. These tokens will be tradable on the exchanges.

Earn more with Singh Coin.

Depending upon the quality of content, the users will able to earn more Singh coin. A portion of the reward fund is also awarded to users are interacting on Singh social media by commenting on posts and sharing the content with other fellow users. Most active users are also rewarded by Singh platform

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